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Fulfillment Hour:  Fulfilling God's Purposes for the Church During the Sunday School Hour by Jackie S. Henderson & Joan Johnson, 2002.

Growing Up Underexposed:  Lessons Learned from My Daddy by Dr. Jackie S. Henderson, 2011.

Growing Up Underexposed:  Lessons Learned from My Daddy by Dr. Jackie S. Henderson, 2011.  (Kindle Edition)

Running Away from Home:  My Daddy to the Rescue by Dr. Jackie S. Henderson, 2012.

Parables & Prescriptions to Grow a Health-Wise Sunday School by Dr. Jackie S. Henderson & Dr. Joan W. Johnson, 2013.

Grandma Said, But Now I Found Out ... 12 Tips for the Family History Genealogist by Dr. Jackie S. Henderson, 2013.

Family Memories Shared in Short Stories by Dr. Jackie S. Henderson, 2014.

A New Baby Brother by Dr. Jackie S. Henderson, 2014.

I Remember When:  The History of Greenforest Community Baptist Church As Told by the Members, 2016


Henderson, Jackie S.  “African American Baptist Women: A Study of Missions in African American Churches in Atlanta, Georgia” in Baptist History and Heritage Journal.

Henderson, Jackie S.  “Church Mothers Pack Power in Many African American Congregations" in Baptists Today.

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Memoir from a Glass Rose by April M. Laland

The Lou Walker Senior Center Writers:  An Anthology, Version 1
Trips and Moments Through Life by Diane Jones-Norris

Rejoice:  A Celebration of Life by Renee Lyndsey Thompson

The Puzzles of Past & Present Generations: The Curney Family by Diane Jones-Norris

Sowing Seeds of Greatness
by Judge Ruby Thomas

Blessing Before Praise by Charlie Holiday-Wilson

What Happened to My Son:  A Man of Many Talents by Alverdia Fields

Breaking the Invisible Chains by Marsha Hawkins

The Lou Walker Senior Center Writers:  An Anthology,
Version 2

How I Got Out of the Cotton Fields by Dr. Raymon Crawford

I Stand Affirmed by Keesha Nichols

His Story in Me:  His Miracle by Dorothy Williams Woods

Dreams, Hopes & Possibilities by Paula Smith Broadnax

Drive-Thru Parenting by Judge Ruby J. Thomas 

Legacy:  The Things Mommy Said to Me, I Say to You Again
 by Urenna N. Crawford

Unsung Heroes of Wilkes County, Georgia
by Edward M. Anderson Sr.

Beginning Anew by Alice J. (Pointer) Kirk

My Mom and Her Four Sisters:  The Breaking of Generational Curses by Tiffany D. Giles

My Childhood Memories by Dr. Joan W. Johnson

To God Be the Glory by Willie M. Yeargin

Scriptures for Those Uncertain Times by Bishop Osborne J. Giles Sr.

My Story:  An African-American Woman's Journey to the Mission Field by G. Kathryn Anderson.

Sea of Life by Lou Walker Writers Guild

Fifty Years Later:  The West Charlotte Senior High School Class of 1964 by Edward M. Anderson Sr.

Ain't God Alright by Rev. Dr. Andrew Bullard Jr.

A Man and His Car by Felix Vialet, Jr.

If Only:  How Poor Charges Landed Me in Prison by Arthur Jones Jr.

The Village in Me by Thelma Campbell

Not Created to Break by Alisa D. Boyd

Salient Lessons of Life by Udo Ekpo

From Frustration to Family by Anita Clay

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder & Stress on Board by James Lamar Franklin

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